Week One – 6th to 8th June 2012

Due to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, the first week was slightly delayed and thus started mid way through the week.


Work commenced with the introduction to the small team as well as a tour of the surrounding offices. The work environment was very modern and stylish within the Business Heritage Exchange part of the developed Wellington Mills.


With the initial absence of laptops of which to work on, paperwork was high on the agenda, learning about the software and watching other members of staff using it to produce some basic digital marketing campaigns.


“Highrise” and “BuyBuddy” were among the top pieces of software which would be more commonly used on a daily business and looked surprisingly sophisticated. It enables the user to

create highly personalised and targeted ads of which we were currently using for Facebook users. Despite JAM’s various other B2B skills, digital marketing on social media platforms was noticeably a highlight and very much the main focus for the rapidly growing business.
When the laptops came, everything was set up with ease and explained perfectly. The only downside was the lack of organisation and preparation that had been done although the fact of never having so many staff made the situation understandable. Gaining a grasp on the work using practical methods, the job seemed that much more enjoyable especially due to the relaxed but hard working atmosphere that surrounded the offices.
The first week was a huge success personally. Despite there being such a large learning curve involved and the cycling route being an uphill struggle, it has been very much a fun experience so far and cannot wait to start running my own campaigns with my own clients to manage.

One thought on “Week One – 6th to 8th June 2012

  1. andystain72 says:

    Good to hear things have started well Chris, best of luck with the year ahead.

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