Week Three – 18th to 22th June 2012

 Blogging was high on the agenda for this week as we learnt how to make an informative, well written and powerful blog.
Kevin, who is in charge of the website and CEO related issues, writes blogs on a daily basis and knows what he is talking about. My goal before my placement finishes is to become as good as him at writing them! He uses powerful language to captivate an audience and encourages the reader to keep on reading through the use of headers.

Mid way through the week my first blog was checked and uploaded onto the website (which can be found here) which was very interesting indeed.
Aside from that the account have been offline due to Facebook technical difficulties and as such have been turning to the attention of further research and blogs. I am getting to a stage where I feel comfortable writing a well written blog even though there may be errors here and there!
Results for the University exams were also released on the Tuesday which put everyone is a brighter frame of mind and lead to a noticeably higher level of productivity.
One article that I read on Forbes after work was describing how breaks can make us more productive and is very interesting. Despite being non work related it has helped me to become more refreshed after lunch or inbetween writing blog articles which results in a higher quality of work.
My goals for next week include the running of my first campaign and getting hold of the contact to develop the ads e.g. age, demographics etc

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